"Drei Schwestern"

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Corporate services since 1922
In the year 1880, the practising physician and politician, Dr Wilhelm Schlegel, moved into the Jugendstil house designed by the Viennese architect Ignaz Banko (favoured architect of Prince Johann II) located at Landstrasse 25 in Vaduz, the current Head Office of Interadvice Anstalt.

Princely Councillor Josef Ospelt, 1922-1962
On 20 October 1922, the Princely Government granted Josef Ospelt, former Prime Minister of Liechtenstein and Princely Councillor, the licence to operate an office for business brokerage, asset management and the representation of domiciliary companies. This was one of the first Liechtenstein companies to be founded in the field of financial services. Wikipedia: Josef Ospelt

Dr Willy Ospelt, 1962 - 1991
Following his death in 1962, Josef Ospelt's business passed to his son, Attorney-at-Law Dr Willy Ospelt. Willy Ospelt, who was also active as an attorney-at-law, relocated the offices from Altenbach to its current site on Landstrasse in Vaduz.

Georg Kieber, since 1991
After the death (1991) of Dr Willy Ospelt, Georg Kieber-Ospelt continued to run the fiduciary operations in the spirit of his predecessors. In addition, in 1991 he founded Interadvice Anstalt, a licensed and family-run Liechtenstein fiduciary business.


Philipp Kieber, since 2005
In addition to Georg Kieber, since 2005 his son Philipp Kieber has been the fourth generation of the family to work for Interadvice Anstalt and Managing Director since 2016; he is also owner of LieAdvice AG, which specialises in services for domestic (commercial) companies and private individuals.